Buick Connected Services

June 20th, 2019 by

Buick now offers three ways to connect your vehicle: Connected Access, Remote Access and Unlimited Access. Each plan builds on each other to offer just the amount of technology services you need.

  1. Connected Access (free for 10 years)
  2. Remote Access ($14.99/mo. or $149.90/yr.)
  3. Unlimited Access ($39.99/mo.)

With the Connected Access plan, you get the following services:

  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Monitors your vehicle’s key operating systems and provides you with regular updates about your
  • vehicle’s health.
  • Dealer Maintenance Notification: Your preferred Dealer can be notified when routine service is due. Your Dealer will then contact you
  • to schedule an appointment.
  • Buick Smart Driver: Get information and tips to help you improve your driving, and check eligibility for potential auto
  • insurance discounts based on your good driving.
  • Marketplace: Get rewarding offers to restaurants, gas stations, hotels and other places you love through your
  • Buick Infotainment System or your myBuick app.
  • In-Vehicle App Access: Browse from a list of streaming apps that help you make the most of each drive
  • With the Remote Access plan, you get all services from the Connected Access plan, plus the following additional services:
  • Remote Key Fob: If properly equipped, start and stop your vehicle, lock and unlock your doors, sound your horn and
  • flash your lights using your myBuick app
  • On-Demand Diagnostics: When a warning light comes on your dashboard, push your blue OnStar button to have an Advisor
  • run a report and pinpoint the issue
  • Vehicle Locate: Set boundary notifications, request your vehicle’s location and see it on a map, and set and share custom
  • notifications for arrivals and departures.

The Unlimited Access plan is the top tier plan and includes all services from the Connected and Remote Access plans, plus the following services:

  • Connected Navigation: Real-time traffic information and nearby points of interest are directly embedded in your Buick
  • Infotainment System touch-screen.
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Data: Stream, surf and post at 4G LTE speed without having to worry about overage fees.
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Navigate confidently at the push of a button. Simply tell your Advisor where you want to go and get directions uploaded to your vehicle.
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