The GMC Sierra Multi-Pro Tailgate

May 12th, 2020 by

The GMC Sierra’s MultiPro Tailgate is essentially two tailgates in one. The design consists of the primary gate, which is hinged like a conventional tailgate, and a smaller inner gate, which is hinged within the primary gate panel. Raising and lowering each on different combinations allows MultiPro to take on a variety of different roles.

Primary Gate With Load Stop

MultiPro can easily open and close just like any other tailgate by pressing the button on the instrument panel or the button on the key fob. The Load Stop can be activated by unlatching the inner panel and folding it upright. This feature comes in handy when hauling longer items; it helps prevent items from sliding out of the bed.

Easy Access

Lowering the MultiPro’s inner gate while the primary gate is also lowered allows you to stand seven to nine inches closer to the bed of the truck. This makes it easier to reach further into the cargo area for loading and unloading items.

Full Width Step

When the primary and inner gates are both released and lowered, the inner panel can be unlatched from the inner gate and folded down. This creates a 48” wide step which can hold 375 pounds. Also, a hand grab can be folded out from the cargo box wall and locked into place for even more entry assistance.

Inner Gate Load Stop

The Sierra’s two-tier loading design allows owners to insert a platform to separate items within the truck bed. The MultiPro Tailgate extends that versatility by providing a load stop for longer items placed into the upper tier of storage.

Inner Gate Work Surface

By lowering just the inner gate, MultiPro provides a work surface at a comfortable height similar to a conventional workbench. This feature is perfect for working on a project, preparing a tackle box or tailgating. An added bonus is the available in-bed 120-volt electrical outlet which creates an even more versatile work area.

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